The Ultimate Guide to Korean Hair Perms

Ultimate Guide To Korean Hair Perms


Korean celebrities have always been a source of inspiration when it comes to beauty and style. Their stunning hair, in particular, is often the envy of many. Korean hair perms offer a diverse range of styles, but choosing the right one for your face shape can be a bit challenging. If you’ve ever struggled to pick the perfect hair perm, you’re not alone.

In this blog post, we’ll break down the various types of long hair perms that complement different face shapes. By the end, you’ll have a better understanding of which style suits you best.

1. Cloud Perm

Cloud Perm on JangWonYoung

Cloud Perm is like a thick, fluffy wave that gracefully flows along your face. It’s often referred to as the “natural perm” due to its loose curls that start from the middle of your hair. This style exudes femininity and a cozy, cloud-like atmosphere. This type of wave is called Mul-Gyul waves in Korean, which translates to ‘watery waves’.

Cloud Perm on Ive JangWonYoung and Girl's Day Yura

Unlike the curly hair perm called Hippie Perm, the Cloud Perm doesn’t produce any tousled effect. Instead, it features thick S-curl waves that add fullness to your hair, making it perfect for those with straight hair or a lack of volume. This perm works well for individuals who want to soften prominent features like a high forehead, sharp cheekbones, or an evident chin.

2. Build Perm

Build Perm on Blackpink Jennie and ShinSeKyung

Build Perm combines thick S-curls and C-curls to create a stunning look, especially for medium-length hair. It requires minimal maintenance, making it an excellent choice for those who want an effortlessly chic style. The U-line shape and gracefully flowing bangs can enhance the horizontal and chin aspects of your face, making it a great fit for those with long face shapes.

Build Perm on Suzy and Actress Shin Ye Eun

If you have chubby cheeks, pairing a Build Perm with a layered cut can help make your faceline appear slimmer, making your face look smaller overall.

3. Grace Perm

Grace Perm on Actress Han So Hee

Grace Perm is a layered perm style that focuses on the richness of S-curls. The curls cascade from the roots and add a sense of body, giving you a feminine and opulent appearance.

Grace Perm on Girl's Generation Tiffany

With its thick curls covering the cheeks and cheekbones, Grace Perm is an excellent choice for individuals with long face shapes and fuller cheeks.

4. Hippie Perm

Hippie Perm on IVE Jang Won Young and Kim Yuna

One of the standout hair trends from Korea in 2020 was the Hippie Perm, and its popularity endures. This style creates a delightful and endearing look. Depending on your preferences, you can opt for thin curls for a slightly tousled appearance or thick curls to accentuate your charming side.

Hippie Perm on IU and Kim Se Jeong

Hippie Perm involves small curls from the roots to the tips of your hair, providing volume and a playful vibe. However, be cautious if you have a round face, as horizontal curls might make it appear larger.

Hippie Perm on Blackpink Jisu and Kim Se Jeong

On the other hand, those with a more elongated facial shape can use this style to their advantage.
This perm is ideal for thin or low-volume hair. If your hair is naturally curly, be careful not to overdo it, or you might end up with a wild, Hagrid-like look.

5. Root Perm

Root Perm on Suzy and Red Velvet

Root Perm, or Root Volume Perm, offers volume starting from the roots. Using smaller curls near the scalp provides a voluminous effect that minimizes hair damage. If you’re concerned about thin or fine hair that exposes your scalp, this is the perfect perm for you.


In conclusion, your choice of hair perms’ design can be based on factors such as your hair type or face shape. Here’s a concise overview of our recommendations!

Hair Perm Suggestions by Hair Types

Straight hair: Cloud Perm
Thin hair: Hippie Perm, Root Perm
Low-volume hair: Hippie Perm, Cloud Perm

Hair Perm Suggestions by Face Shapes

Round face shape: Build Perm
Long face shape: Hippie Perm, Build Perm, Grace Perm
Square or rectangular face shape: Cloud Perm, Grace Perm
Diamond face shape: Grace Perm

So there you have it: a breakdown of various hair perm options for women and how they match different face shapes. I hope this guide helps you find a hairstyle that complements your unique features. Happy perming!

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