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Korean Creative Director
Off Days: Wednesday
Specialization: Hair Cut, Rebonding, Korean Perm, Hair Treatment

Yuna may not be the most talkative Korean stylist we’ve met but she’s certainly one of the most focused and efficient Korean stylists we’ve seen. Previously from a top Korean hair salon chain – Park Jun, Yuna is very strong in her foundation in haircuts. Even if you’re in a hurry, she can create an easily manageable haircut that looks good… in less than 40 minutes. She is therefore a favourite among busy working professionals who need a quick and skillful trim.

This strong foundation in haircuts allows her to create volume glamorous perms especially for ladies with long hair. Perfect for ladies looking for a romantic perm like what she’s currently sporting!

Yuna may seem a little guarded at the beginning but is a friendly and approachable stylist once she warms up. She is however not fully fluent in English yet so do bring along a photo if you have a specific hairstyle in mind!