Founder | Director

Tino Isaac

OFF DAYS: Wednesday, Sunday

Specialization: Hair Cut, Korean Perm, Rebonding, Hair Colour

Director Tino Isaac

Tino may look a little sombre in the photo but is in real life, one of the most jovial, artistic yet down-to-earth stylists we’ve met. Come to him for a haircut and you’ll leave with not just the most avant-garde hairstyle you can think of but also an enriching conversation about what’s going on in the industry and economy out there. In many ways, Tino reminds us of Picasso; his artistic genius, ephemeral temperament and the loss-in-his-own-world moments when creating a customised hairstyle for each customer.

No, you’ll never find Tino giving a cookie-cutter hairstyle. Tino respects his customers too much and believes in keeping abreast of latest hairstyle trends (and that includes surfing Instagram regularly to get inspiration) and giving his customers a new look each time. This sort of passion is the main reason why his regular clientele tends to be very exclusive and from the upper echelons of Singapore society.

It is not easy to make an appointment with him though; he sometimes moves around different Pro Trim salons in Singapore and his appointment book is usually full.

If you’re lucky enough to find a slot, prepare yourself for a huge makeover that will positively surprise you beyond your expectations!

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