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Senior Stylist
Off Days: Thursday
Specialization: Haircut, Perm, Hair colour, Wash and Blow

Shawn may not be very high profile but this is one stylist you definitely should not dismiss. More like a hidden tiger crouching dragon, Shawn is a stylist many customers go to for superb haircuts. Customers rave about how his haircuts can last more than 6 weeks for men and 4 months for ladies thanks to his amazing skill. Shawn credits his time in Vidal Sassoon London for his easily manageable haircuts; he doesn’t just chop your hair off immediately but lays a structure that accounts for your head bone, neck and face shape for a flattering cut that makes your overall silhouette look sleeker and slimmer.

For those who like to know more about what the stylist is doing, you’ll also love how Shawn proactively shares what he does at each step so you are kept informed every step of the way. He will also go the extra mile to share tips on managing scalp health and how best to style your hair with minimal hassle, a reason why many of his customers have followed him for more than 10 years. Despite his over 15 years of experience, Shawn remains receptive to suggestions , listening and thinking about how to incorporate your preferences and ideas into the cut.

Haircut isn’t his only specialty though; those in the know will tell you that he’s also pretty amazing with scalp treatment and gives a really pampering scalp massage. So, you’re in for a treat if you’re lucky enough to go to him for a scalp treatment.

Overall, a highly experienced and skilled stylist we’d definitely travel all the way for contoured haircuts and scalp treatment!