Senior Stylist


OFF DAYS: Tuesday

Specialization: Highlights, Hair Color, Hair Cut

Senior Stylist Rephael

Rephael, a master of vibrant hues and exquisite hair highlights, is a standout talent at Protrim Hair Salon. With a keen eye for color and an innate flair for creativity, Rephael’s journey into the world of hairstyling has been defined by his passion for transforming ordinary hair into stunning works of art. Specializing in hair coloring and highlights, Rephael’s expertise lies in his ability to infuse life and personality into his clients’ locks, using a palette of vibrant shades to create breathtaking transformations.

At Protrim Hair Salon, Rephael’s commitment to excellence is evident in every brushstroke and blend of color. Whether it’s a subtle touch of highlights or a bold, statement-making transformation, Rephael approaches each client’s hair as a blank canvas, crafting bespoke looks that reflect their unique style and personality. With his unparalleled talent for vibrant colors and his dedication to pushing the boundaries of hairstyling, Rephael is poised to captivate and inspire clients with his artistic vision and unparalleled skill.

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