Senior Stylist


OFF DAYS: Wednesday

Specialization: Hair Cut, Hair Colour, Rebonding

Senior Stylist Queenie

Queenie may have just been promoted to a stylist not too long ago but we knew that this stylist is someone special the moment we got our hair done by her. It isn’t just her bright and cheerful smile or her positivity that got us smitten; this is a stylist who is absolutely brilliant with hair colours!

In one look, Queenie knows exactly what type of colour tones will suit your skin colour. In her head, she will then run through the trending colours and styles and see how she can combine that knowledge together with your preferences and skin colour to customize a tone specially for you. We especially love her selection of colours when she does colour blocking because the end result is just so stunning! Queenie credits her skill to her mentor, Selyn a hair colour expert she has been shadowing within ProTrim for the past 7 years. Honestly, her colouring is so good, we think that her skill possibly exceeds stylists who are a lot more experienced than her!

Colouring aside, Queenie is also very strong with perms having trained under perm expert Joel and other top stylists within Pro Trim.

Overall, a up and coming stylist whose sincerity and skill will blow you away.

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