Korean Senior Stylist


OFF DAYS: Wednesday

Specialization: Korean Perm, Rebonding

Korean Senior Stylist Nari

Nari Park, hailing from the vibrant neighborhood of Cheongdam-dong in Korea, brings a wealth of passion and expertise to her role at Protrim Hair Salon. With a lifelong fascination for fashion and beauty, Nari discovered her true calling in the art of hairstyling, finding immense satisfaction in transforming her clients’ looks and boosting their confidence. Drawing from her rich experience working in the bustling streets of Cheongdam-dong, Nari specializes in a range of services including men’s cut & perm, digital perm, and setting volume perm, catering to diverse preferences with precision and flair.

At Protrim Hair Salon, Nari’s commitment to excellence extends beyond mere hairstyling; it’s a holistic approach that prioritizes customer satisfaction and wellbeing. With meticulous attention to detail, she not only enhances her clients’ appearances but also considers their individual features and preferences, crafting personalized styles that reflect their unique personalities. Through continuous learning and a keen eye for evolving trends, Nari aims to integrate fashion seamlessly into her services, offering honest recommendations and creating a comprehensive experience that goes beyond the confines of traditional hairstyling. With her unwavering dedication and belief in the power of sincerity and effort, Nari Park is poised to leave an indelible mark as she endeavors to become the epitome of excellence in her field, inspired by the legacy of her mentor, CEO Joel Park.

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