Senior Stylist


OFF DAYS: Monday, Sunday

Specialization: Hair Cut, Hair Colour, Rebonding, Hair Treatment

Senior Stylist Maggie

Can you guess Maggie’s age?

You’ll probably guess it wrong like we did, even if you see her in person! She definitely looked more than 10 years younger than her actual age!

If you’re keen to find out her secrets to staying youthful, you should definitely try her haircuts and colour. Maggie is one of those stylists who can “get” what you want really quickly. You don’t have to say much. She is able to read between the lines and give you the exact hairstyle you’re thinking of. Whether you’re thinking of looking younger, more sensuous, assertive or just simply softer, Maggie can draw on her more-than-20-years of experience as a hairdresser to give you that easily maintainable haircut that looks chic without styling.

In fact, Maggie is a perfectionist and that’s why ALL her customers love her. She herself has very high standards and is very fussy about the haircuts, colours and perms she does for others. Hence, she has an almost zero rate of making mistakes. Maggie also has the policy of explaining what’s she’s doing to customers every step of the way, so you won’t feel like you’re left in the lurch.

Overall a very skillful, personable and sincere stylist who has won the hearts and minds of customers who come to her!

Highly recommended for haircuts and colours for both men and ladies!

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