Korean Senior Stylist


OFF DAYS: Thursday

Specialization: Hair Cut, C Curl Perm, Natural Wave Perm, Balayage, Highlight, Repairing Hair

Korean Senior Stylist Lui

Lui has acquired various hair styling skills from +10 years of experience.
His specialty is perm and colouring. The wave perm done by him always looks natural, not artificial as if you were born with that curl!
Don’t be surprised that he can cast a spell on your hair. How? Even if your hair is dry and damaged by bleaching and colouring, he magically restores your hair! Through his magical repair, you can retain smooth hair and do a perm again.

Moreover, his balayage and highlight also have unique features which allow you to look gorgeous!
What he values most is that customers should be able to do their hair with ease, even alone and outside the hair salon. He always listens to customers to accept their ideas; As a result, they are really satisfied that their hairstyle remains long.
However, it would be very helpful if you bring some photos of the hairstyle you want to have clear communication with him.

Don’t hesitate to meet Lui if you want to look younger and more sophisticated. He will provide the best efforts and high satisfaction with his techniques.

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