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Korean Senior Stylist
Off Days: Tuesday
Specialization: Men’s cut & Down perm, Layered cut, Trendy Hair-styling, Korean wave perm, Glam perm, Wash and Blow, C curl Rebonding, Color

The first moment we lay our eyes on Lucas, we knew he was Korean. The few signs which gave it away? His meticulously styled hair, carefully groomed brows and awesome complexion. Even with his mask on, Lucas looked so good, we almost mistook him for being a Korean male idol.

Don’t underestimate him because of his good looks though. This male stylist has over 5 years of experience at one of Seoul’s top hair salon chains Park Seung Chul as well as boutique salons in Hongdae. His specialty? Perms.

Having seen how perms has boosted his confidence since he started getting them, Lucas hopes to transform customers the way his stylist did for him.

Whether Korean Magic Setting Perm or the suave two-block perm for Men, Lucas is hence very much in touch with latest hair trends (particularly in perms) in Korea and always proactively train and try new styles seen in dramas or on celebrities. This makes Lucas really fun to go to as he’ll always have new hair and perm style ideas to recommend – something his customers really appreciate!

That’s we think where his magic is – you don’t have to tell him too much and he’ll still design a hairstyle you’ll fall in love with.

If you have any strong ideas or preference, however, do come by with some photos to reduce miscommunication. Do be patient with him as Lucas has just arrived in Singapore and his command of English still has room for improvement.
Overall, a talented young male stylist we’d highly recommend to get that trending kpop makeover!