Senior Stylist


OFF DAYS: Wednesday

Specialization: Haircut, Perm, Coloring

Senior Stylist Lin

Lin, the responsible senior stylist at Protrim Hair Salon’s JEM branch, embodies a perfect blend of sociability and skill in her role. With a penchant for flexibility and a natural talent for engaging with people, Lin found her calling as a stylist, driven by her desire to create connections with her clients. Beginning her journey with a comprehensive study of styling design, Lin further honed her craft through internships at esteemed hair salons, receiving invaluable training and guidance along the way.

At Protrim Hair Salon, Lin’s expertise shines in her adeptness at helping customers with a range of services including perms, dyes, and hair repairs. What sets Lin apart is her genuine and friendly approach to client interaction; she views her clients not just as customers but as friends, understanding their needs on an intimate level. With a courageous spirit that embraces experimentation and learning from every experience, Lin aspires to expand her horizons by exploring different countries and immersing herself in diverse hairstyling technologies. As a vital member of the Protrim team, Lin is committed to providing top-notch service while forging meaningful connections with each client she encounters.

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