Senior Stylist


OFF DAYS: Wednesday, Sunday

Specialization: Wave Perm, Soft Curl Rebond

Senior Stylist Justina

Affectionately nicknamed “Pong Pong” by her colleagues, Justina is well known in hairdressing circles for her ability to create hairstyles with LOTS of volume! Justina’s obsession with volume started 20 years ago; as Singapore’s humid climate was making her hair look limp, she started learning about hair out of vanity and eventually enrolled in a hairdressing course that led her to be where she is today. From all the different courses she’s been ie. Vidal Sassoon Shanghai as well as Toni & Guy, Justina always manages to pick out the techniques that give the hair volume and master them in no time. As a result, Justina’s volumizing haircuts have made a name for herself, attracting both Male and Female customers from Indonesia, Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong and even Europe! Despite the diversity in hair textures, Justina knows just what to do to give them easily manageable volume thanks to her experience and arsenal of haircutting techniques!

Of course, volumizing haircuts wouldn’t be enough for a Master of Volume. Predictably, Justina’s second love is perm. Combined with her volumizing haircut, Justina’s perms look so beautiful, she is definitely on par, if not better than most Korean stylists in Singapore. She doesn’t take photos often but those that she does look so fabulous, they mirror that of what we see in Korean dramas, elegant, voluminous and natural! Hence, she is definitely someone we’re extremely excited to try out.

Overall, an outstanding hairdresser we’re confident will leave you impressed!

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