CEO | Director

Joel Park

OFF DAYS: Sunday, Wednesday

Specialization: Hair Cut, Korean Perm, Rebonding, Hair Colour

Director Joel Park

Bolstered by his experience as one of the most-sought after Creative Director in Singapore & Korea, Joel Park is a renowned name in the industry today. Winning multiple awards only resonates his expertise in giving you that flawless hairstyle. He’s not only the most-sought after korean hair stylist in Singapore but also remains one in Asia. Despite his experience and skill, Joel Park remains humble & actively listens to his customers and prioritises their preferences whilst adapting styles to suit their personalities. Joel’s regular clientele comprises of affluent business tycoons & celebrities. He’s is best known for perms & hair cuts that have made his clients look stunning. Joel Park does not compromise his work of art and ensure he uses high quality products to give you that perfect look. He maybe soft-spoken but is one Korean stylist that relates to all your hair problems, offering the best suited techniques to match your hair & preference. He uses exclusive Korean Perm lotions that are used by Top hair salons in Korea (none in Singapore yet) which won’t make your hair frizzy at all but instead makes your hair healthy & manageable.

In his words “The hairstyles I create for all my customers doesn’t just look good for a day. I make sure that the hairstyle looks great & manageable weeks and months later. A look that many would compliment & make me your go-to stylist always”

– 3rd Prize, Korean KCBA Association for Hair and Beauty. He competed with stylists nationwide.

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