Korean Senior Stylist


OFF DAYS: Thursday

Specialization: Hair Cut, Hair Treatment, Korean Perm

Korean Senior Stylist Jena

The best things in life take time.

So just keep planting, keep sowing, believe in yourself and don’t give up!

We’ve met many hairstylists with multiple talents but Jena is the first hairstylist who is also a qualified interior designer. The way she approaches hairdressing is hence reminiscent of how she approaches interior design: systematically and with detail. It is hence unsurprising to have customers with complex hair issues going to her. Whether its curly haired ladies hoping to achieve frizz free hair or haircuts to conceal thinning hair, Jena puts in her utmost effort to help customers solve their hair issues and even goes one step further to help customers look younger and slimmer. It is very possibly this expertise in volume rebonding and care for customers that have gotten her highly raved both in Korea and in Singapore!
If you ever want to repay her for eliminating your hair problems, just give her recommendations on where to go for the best Yong Tau Foo in Singapore and that’ll make her day.

Overall, a gem of a Korean stylist you know you can trust to get your picture-perfect Korean hairstyle.

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