Senior Stylist


OFF DAYS: Thursday

Specialization: Hair Cut, Korean Perm, Rebonding, Hair Treatment, Hair Colour

Senior Stylist Evane

Evane has what we call a Resting Bitch Face. She can look downright unfriendly when she’s quiet but when you actually open your mouth to talk to her, Evane transforms into your bubbly BFF who can talk to you about literally EVERYTHING under the sun. You can literally see the thoughts popping off her head as she excitedly shares the latest hairstyle trends with you and how it may match with your latest outfit and even nail colour.

A very genuine person who lives life to the fullest, Evane is one of those people who make you feel alive, someone who loves what she does and is enthusiastic to see you. Yes, she has done magazine photoshoots in the past, styling for celebrities for Mediacorp and all that. However, she lights up the most when her customers come around. That’s because she regards each of her customers as a longtime friend, a friend for whom she can service and make more good-looking with a haircut, a colour or even a perm. As her friends deserve the best, she doesn’t rest on her laurels and always takes the effort to upgrade herself by going for Vidal Sassoon training and checking for cool hairstyle trends online to introduce to her customers. That may be why she is most sought after for her skilful Men’s cut, ladies’ cut as well as vibrant hair colours!

Overall, one of the most fun and energetic Singaporean hairstylist you’ll not regret trying!

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