Senior Stylist


OFF DAYS: Monday, Tuesday

Specialization: Hair Cut, Korean Perm, Hair Colour, Hair Treatment, Rebonding

Senior Stylist Esther

Not only professional with local hair skills, She is also being passionated with every trends she never tried. Also good at Korean perm and every skills needed, she totally has abilities to do all the skills. Moreover, the creativity with her hair skill, other stylists in the salon already accepted that she is the best one. If the customer wants to have special hair styles, just ask her to do it. She could provide the suitable and best hair style for you to be confidence.

Very passionated with her theory and studies to improve herself and for the customer. She always thinks about the different ways to do hair and what skills she has to increase.

Knowledge of hair skills also different levels with others. She only thinks about the trends and skills to get, so she challenged a lot of hair styles and practice treatment as many as possible.
Once you meet her, You would love the way of her talking and offer service to you.

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