Senior Stylist


OFF DAYS: Sunday, Thursday

Specialization: Hair Cut, Korean Perm, Hair Colour, Hair Treatment, Rebonding

Senior Stylist Audrey

Looking for the professional hair stylists? She is the best to be worked as passionated as she can in the salon.

She always wants to learn about newest trends in thses days, and practice to do various hair style even though she is already being professional all the skills with hair.

You can request whatever you want to do with your hair. She could help you to do as the perfect. She is professional with Korean hair style also, so she knows what is the trend in Korea. Especially, she likes to provide korean perm and hair cut in korean way to make you more confidence and beautiful. Just try with her and you would love to meet with Audrey. Her service during working in the salon, makes you happy to be the salon and she would listen to the customers for the best result. Make appointment with her to feel the difference with your hair style.

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