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1 June

1 June

Korean Senior Stylist
Off Days: Monday
Specialization: Hair Cut, Hair Colour, Hair Treatment

Extremely sought-after by celebrities, 1 June has styled for models for Cosmopolitan, Elle, Vogue, Ceci, Marie Claire and even Esquire in Korea. He comes with a robust training from Abida & Zett, one of Korea’s premium training school and later in Ra Beauty Core also known to be Seoul’s top 3 salon.

Although a little shy, 1 June’s skill and thoughtful service has won over many local customers who love his perm and haircut styles. He’s more popularly known and loved for Perms, a natural wave that adds much volume and style especially for his male customers!

Fans of Korean Dramas may find the names Song Hae Gyo (宋慧敎), Park Ji Yun, Lee Wan and Lyn familiar; these are all famous Korean stars that 1 June previously styled for while he was in Korea.

Beyond a great hair service, 1 June is the stylist to look for if you are interested in the latest happenings and celebrity gossip back in Korea!