Elevate Your Look with the Best Layered Hair Cut in Singapore: Expertise by Protrim’s Korean Hair Director Joel

Elevate Your Look with the Best Layered Hair Cut in Singapore


In the heart of Singapore, Protrim Hair Salon stands as a beacon of luxurious hair styling, renowned for its bespoke offerings and gentle charm. Established in 1997, Protrim has continuously evolved, perfecting the art of delivering happiness and satisfaction to every client. Located in Singapore’s most opulent locations and backed by celebrity stylists, our team is dedicated to unveiling the best style that complements your individuality and lifestyle.

The Art of Layered Haircuts at Protrim

Joel Park: A Visionary in Korean Hair Styling

Layered haircuts, known for their versatility, adapt to every face shape and lifestyle. At Protrim, Joel Park, a celebrated Korean Hair Director, ensures each cut is a personalised masterpiece, enhancing your natural beauty.

Why Layered Haircuts Are Trending: Elegance and a Slimmer Face

Layered haircuts offer timeless elegance and the ability to make the face appear slimmer, enhancing one’s natural beauty. They are versatile, flattering for every face shape, and can be customised to any length, ensuring a modern yet timeless appeal.

Add Volume and Create Movement

A layered haircut is transformative for those with thin, straight hair, adding volume and movement. It redistributes volume, avoiding the ‘triangle’ effect, and promises a vibrant look full of life.

Layers Never Fail To Impress

Layered haircuts redefine looks with their versatility, bringing life to dull hair and offering a fresh, manageable style. They enhance facial features and conceal flaws, drawing attention to your best attributes.

Imparts Balance To The Entirety Of Hair

Layering lightens bulky hair, adds dimension, and frames the face beautifully. It introduces a sexy movement, complementing all hair textures and face shapes, making layered hair a perfect choice for anyone looking to update their style.

Why Choose Protrim for Your Layered Haircut?

  • Bespoke Styling: Protrim believes in personalised service, starting every layered haircut with a detailed consultation.
  • Luxurious Experience: Our salons, set in Singapore’s luxurious locales, offer an indulgent visit.
  • Expert Team: Led by Joel Park, our stylists are educators in the art of hair, continually upgrading their skills.
  • Joel Park’s Signature Touch: Specialising in layered haircuts and C-Perms, Joel ensures a unique look for each client.

Celebrating Individuality with Every Snip

Consultation with Joel Park at Protrim hair salon

At Protrim, we see haircuts as a form of personal expression. Joel Park and our team are dedicated to crafting styles that reflect your essence, ensuring every cut is a step towards your best self.

The Protrim Promise

Protrim Hair Salon

For over 20 years, Protrim Hair Salon has been synonymous with excellence in hairstyling. Our commitment to happiness and satisfaction is evident in every cut and style, making us not just a salon but a part of your style journey.


A layered haircut at Protrim Hair Salon is an invitation to embrace your individuality with a style that’s both modern and timeless. Located in the heart of Singapore’s luxury, Protrim is where style, personalisation, and luxury converge. Join us on a journey to elevate your look and discover the best version of yourself.

FAQ: Layered Haircuts and Services at Protrim Hair Salon

Layered Haircuts

Q. What makes a layered haircut at Protrim Hair Salon unique?

Our layered haircuts are crafted by experienced stylists who specialise in Korean hairstyling techniques, including our renowned Korean Hair Director, Joel Park. We focus on personalised service, ensuring each cut perfectly complements your face shape, hair texture, and personal style.

Q. Can layered haircuts be customised for any hair length and type?

Absolutely! Whether you have long, short, fine, or thick hair, our stylists at Protrim Hair Salon can tailor a layered haircut to suit your hair’s natural texture and your desired look ensuring a flattering, manageable style.

Q. How can I maintain my layered haircut to keep it looking fresh?

We recommend regular trims every 6-8 weeks to maintain the shape and style of your layered haircut. Additionally, using recommended hair care products and following a tailored hair care routine can keep your layers looking vibrant and healthy.

Q. Are layered haircuts suitable for those with thin hair?

Yes, layered haircuts can be an excellent choice for adding volume and movement to thin hair. Strategic layering can create the illusion of thicker, fuller hair while keeping the style lightweight and dynamic.

Q. How long does a typical layered appointment take at Protrim Hair Salon?

Appointment times can vary depending on the complexity of the cut and the individual’s hair type. Generally, you can expect your visit to last between 45 minutes to an hour. We take our time to ensure your haircut is perfectly executed.

Q. What is the process for getting a layered haircut with a C-Perm at Protrim?

Clients interested in combining a layered haircut with a C-Perm will receive a comprehensive consultation to discuss their desired outcome. Following this, our stylists will perform the cut and perm, ensuring each step is tailored to achieve the perfect balance of texture and style.

Q. Can I book a consultation before deciding on a layered haircut?

Yes, we highly encourage consultations! This allows you to discuss your ideas, concerns, and expectations with one of our stylists. Consultations are complimentary and be booked separately from your haircut appointment.

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