Styling the Spotlight: Kim Ji-Won’s Elegant C-Perm and Layered Haircut in ‘Queen of Tears’

Kim Ji-Won’s Elegant C-Perm and Layered Haircut in 'Queen of Tears'


In the enchanting world of Korean dramas, visual storytelling isn’t just about scenic backdrops or exquisite fashion; it’s also about how characters express their narratives through their hairstyles. Kim Ji-Won’s portrayal in ‘Queen of Tears‘ showcases not just her acting prowess but a hairstyle that perfectly complements her character’s complexity and grace. Her hair, styled with a combination of C-Perm and Root Perm topped with elegant layers, becomes the focal point of her persona, blending seamlessly with the melodramatic and aesthetic elements of the show.

The Art of the C-Perm and Root Perm

Understanding the Techniques

Kim Ji-Won’s hairstyle in ‘Queen of Tears‘ is a testament to the artistry involved in hairstyling. The C-Perm, known for its soft, voluminous curls, adds a romantic flair that is ideal for on-screen drama. When combined with a root perm, the hairstyle achieves an unmatched depth and volume that starts right from the scalp, giving the actress a full-bodied look that is both dynamic and striking.

Why It Works for Kim Ji-Won

This particular styling works wonders for Kim Ji-Won, enhancing her facial features and complementing her on-screen presence. The volume at the roots lifts her face, making her expressions more pronounced, while the waves add softness, creating a balance that is visually pleasing and camera-friendly.

Cultural Impact of Hair in Korean Dramas

Symbolism and Expression

Queen of Tears Symbolism

In Korean dramas, hair often serves as a symbolic element that reflects a character’s personal journey or emotional state. For Kim Ji-Won’s character, her luxurious, well-maintained hairstyle might symbolize her refined qualities or the facade he maintains in the face of turmoil, typical of the genre’s rich storytelling tradition.

Trends Set by Celebrities

Celebrity hairstyles in dramas often set trends that resonate with viewers, influencing beauty standards and salon requests. The popularity of styles like the C-Perm and Root Perm in places like Singapore can often be traced back to their depiction in media, showcasing the direct influence of Korean pop culture on global beauty trends.

Step-by-Step Guide to Getting the Look

Consultation and Customization

Achieving Kim Ji-Won’s hairstyle starts with a thorough consultation at Protrim Hair Salon, where stylists consider your hair type, face shape, and maintenance preferences. This ensures that the perm and layers are customized to enhance your unique features and fit your lifestyle.

The Perm Process

Tailored Beauty solutions to create Korean hair styles catered to you

The process involves applying a carefully selected perm solution that suits your hair condition, followed by the strategic use of perm rods or digital perming technology to create the desired curl pattern. Attention to detail during the perm process ensures that the curls are evenly distributed and natural-looking.

Cutting and Layering

Hair Cut for maintenance

After the perm, the stylist will cut layers into your hair to promote bounce and movement. Layering is crucial as it frames the face and allows the curls to settle in a naturally flattering way.

Styling and Maintenance

A scene from 'Queen of Tears'

Post-treatment care is essential. Protrim Hair Salon recommends using sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners made for curly hair to maintain the perm’s integrity and hydration. Regular trims and occasional touch-ups on the roots may also be necessary to keep the hairstyle looking fresh and vibrant.

Why Choose Protrim Hair Salon?

Expertise in Korean Hairstyling

Protrim Hair Salon’s stylists are not only well-versed in the latest Korean hairstyling techniques but also continually update their skills to keep up with trends. Their expertise ensures that every hairstyle is executed flawlessly and tailored to meet the client’s expectations.

Quality and Care

A scene from 'Queen of Tears' with Kim Ji-Won

We use only the highest quality products and offer personalized care that extends beyond the salon visit. Our stylists provide detailed advice on how to care for your perm at home, ensuring your hair remains healthy and stylish long after your salon visit.


A scene from 'Queen of Tears'

Emulating Kim Ji-Won’s hairstyle from ‘Queen of Tears‘ might seem like a dream, but at Protrim Hair Salon, it’s the reality we create daily. Whether you’re looking to capture the elegance of her C-Perm and layered haircut or find a style that is uniquely yours, our salon is your destination for transformation. Book an appointment with us today and step into your own story of beauty and confidence, backed by the best in Korean hairstyling.


Q. How long does it take to achieve this hairstyle?

Achieving ‘Queen of Tears’ Kim Ji-Won‘s hairstyle with a combination of C-Perm and Root Perm, including layering, typically takes about 3 to 5 hours at Protrim Hair Salon. The duration can vary based on your hair’s length, thickness, and condition. We ensure each step, from applying the perm to cutting and styling the layers, is done meticulously to achieve the best results.

Q. Can I maintain this hairstyle with a low-maintenance routine?

Yes, one of the advantages of the C-Perm combined with a Root Perm is that it is designed to be low-maintenance. The natural-looking waves and volume at the roots reduce the need for daily styling. To maintain the look, we recommend using a good-quality, sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner, applying a deep-conditioning treatment weekly, and using minimal heat for styling. We’ll provide you with all the necessary tips and product recommendations during your visit.

Q. What should I do if my hair starts feeling dry and brittle post-perm?

It’s important to keep chemically treated hair well-moisturised. If your hair feels dry or brittle after getting a perm, incorporate a hydrating hair mask or leave-in conditioner into your routine. Also, ensure you protect your hair from heat damage by using a heat-protectant spray before using any styling tools.

Q. Are there alternative styling options if I enjoy the volume but prefer less curl?

Absolutely! If you prefer a style with less curl but still want the volume, you might consider a lighter wave or body wave option, which uses similar perm techniques but with larger rods to create a looser wave pattern. This style maintains volume and adds texture without the tightness of traditional curls. Our stylists can tailor the perm to match your preferred level of curl and ensure it complements your overall look and lifestyle.

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