Influencers’ hair styles who visited us!

Thankfully, many influencers and celebrities in Singapore visited Protrim Hair Salon so far and were satisfied with our services 🙂
Don’t you wonder what kind of hair styling they are into?
Let me introduce their hair styles done by Protrim stylists with photos!

1. Lawrence Hiew

Lawrence Hiew is our endorser and we’ve been sponsoring him for months.
As a growing singer and actor, he is passionately promoting himself throughout concerts, a mediacorp show, movie shooting and so on; There are always us, Pro Trim, to make his hair style nicer and shine him by violet color, red wine color, wash and blow with volumes.

2. Jessica Tham

Jessica Tham, a famous Instagram influencer, is also one of our regular customers.
She looks more glowing with shiny, manageable and soft hair all year round done by Protrim Hair Salon. The service she prefers is K-gloss hair treatment. Why don’t you try this treatment to improve your hair condition?

3. Jordelia Tan

We were so happy when she said “got my red hair because of @protrimhairsalon who did such an amazing job 🥰” on her Instagram post. Her smile and comment always make us feel pleasant.
I believe she is definitely a person who was born to have red & magenta colored hair!


Your hair needs intensive care as your body does.
No problem, we can do this for you!
Radhika said “The hair treatment made my hair feel healthy and moisturised even after colouring!”.
Our senior hair stylists always concern the customer’s hair condition in detail and that’s why her red-chocolatey brown hair remains longer and shining 😍

5. Charmaine Li

With Protrim, you can make your special day more cherishable and memorable, like Charmaine did!
She did Lavender Ash balayage at our salon on Valentines Day.
I can say that choosing Protrim Hair Salon for special events is one of the good options to make your day