Compilation of Unique Hair Highlights @StyleNa

Compilation of Unique Highlights from Stylena Hair Salon



Welcome to our first photo compilation! Today, we’re diving deep into the world of hair highlights, because let’s be real, who doesn’t love a little pop of color in their mane? One of the techniques that makes your hair unique is hair highlighting. “Hair Highlights” means pieces of hair that are lighter than the natural color you have. For example, if your base color is black, you can add gray or ash highlights. There are many varieties of highlighting techniques available : Balayage, Babylights, Foil-Ayage, Sombre, Ombre, and Lowlights.

Here, I’ll be showing you all a photo compilation of highlights which stylists did at StyleNa, a sister-salon of Protrim. StyleNa, with outlets at Compass One and Parkway Parade, is the go-to spot for hair transformations that scream style and personality. Let’s break down the artists behind the art.

(StyleNa outlets – Compass One & Parkway Parade)

1) Lala (Korean Creative Director)

StyleNa – Parkway Parade Branch


Let’s step into the first chapter of our highlight photo compilation. Lala, the Korean Creative Director of StyleNa Parkway Parade outlet, always shows off fancy and colourful highlights. Don’t be afraid of trying an outstanding color! Lala will make it natural and suitable for you. She is especially good at red-purple gradient Highlight or Balayage which renders your hair luxurious and classy.

2) Bella (Director Manager)

StyleNa – Parkway Parade Branch


Secondly, Bella, the Director Manager of StyleNa Parkway Parade outlet, is specialized in brown color highlights. If you have black hair and don’t want an experimental style, then brown highlights would be the best and safe way to change your hair! Of course, a lighter brown color would be perfect for the original brown hair to add shades.

3) Jina (Korean Senior Stylist)

StyleNa – Parkway Parade Branch


Thirdly, we are introducing Jina, a Korean Senior Stylist at StyleNa’s Parkway Parade outlet. She is highly skilled at Ombre, which I mentioned as one of the types of highlights. Look at the naturally cascading pink color in the first picture! Jina is a beloved stylist, especially by young female customers who are into styling themselves. Thus, Jina has gone through lots of hands-on experiences and picked up her own know-how, which is why Jina’s highlighting never fails.

*Do take note Jina is currently on maternity leave.

4) Joy (Korean Senior Stylist)

StyleNa – Parkway Parade Branch

Now, let’s welcome Joy—the stylish and talented hairstylist at Style NA. Joy’s expertise shines in hair color and digital perms, where she effortlessly creates stunning transformations that enhance her client’s natural beauty. Her talent shines on highlights as well. With 15 years of hairstyling experience from Korea, Joy is a true force to be reckoned with.

These stylists aren’t just professionals; they’re artists, and your hair is their canvas. Dive into the world of StyleNa and let these experts turn your hair dreams into reality.

Do you want to know more about StyleNa? Visit their website or hit us up on WhatsApp at +65 9836 1918.

Website :

Instagram : @stylenahair

StyleNa @ Parkway Parade

#02-67 | 80 Marine Parade Road, Singapore 449269
Tel : 6348 8035

StyleNa @ Compass One

#04-03 | 1 Sengkang Square, Singapore 545078
Tel : 6388 4247

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